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Cashew processing in EPZA investment areas

Start cashew processing in our investment areas, EPZA tell investors
By a Correspondent, Dar es Salaam.

The Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) has urged investors to enter into cashew nut processing activities and promised to help anyone who will be ready to start such factories in their areas.

Tanzania has few cashew processing industries and this leads to selling raw cashew at a low price tag.

The EPZA Director for Investment Promotion and Facilitation, Ms ZawadiaNanyaro, told journalists during the cashew nut stakeholders meeting held in Dar es Salaam this week that still Tanzania has few such industries, a situation she said derail the development of the sub sector. 

“This is one of the major cash crops in this country; its development should be supported by establishing industries,
” she said.

She said EPZA encourages both local and foreign investors to take advantage of facilities offered by the Authority and establish industries and for this case, cashew processing ones.

She noted that when foreign investors come they also help locals in terms of technology transfer and expertise and therefore development.

“We are happy for this meeting, we have used it to give people what EPZA can offer and welcomed them,
” she explained.

She said that over 90 per cent of cashew nuts produced are exported in raw form and that this denies farmers get their right value.

On his part, the Vice Chairman of Africa Cashew Nuts Alliance, Mr.MaokolaMajogo said there is ever need for the government and other stakeholders to make sure that farmers get reliable markets for their produce.

“This is a very crucial crop for the Southern regions and Tanzania at large, it is a cause to support it for the good
of the nation,” he said.

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Markets, Mr. Christopher Chiza said the Southern regions has the capacity to produce 154,000 tons of cashew nuts per annum and that it is the aim of the government to reach 300,000 tons
per year.

“We want to reach a stage where whenever such crops like cashew nuts, tobacco, and cotton get problems with markets out there, the government will be able to bail out farmers,” he said.

He said such measures will enable production to continue and bring in stability because such crops are crucial
for development.

Up to now EPZA has managed to establish a total of 72 industries which are operational in the country.

By facilitating establishment of such industries, the authority has created a total of 28,000 direct employment and 100,000 indirect ones.

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  On behalf of the entire team, I am pleased to welcome all esteemed Investors to the EPZA..

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