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Invitation to invest in Mtwara Oil and gas FreePort Zone

The united republic of Tanzania

The Export Processing Zones Authority


Invitation to invest in Mtwara Oil and Gas Freeport Zone



Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) is an autonomous government institution under the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The authority was established in 2006 following the amendment of the EPZ act and its core function is coordination, supervision and licensing of export processing zones (EPZ) and special economic zones (sSEZ) schemes. The sez program combines a number of sub-schemes among them being the Freeport zone scheme.


EPZA has set aside land totaling 10 hectares for the establishment of an oil and gas supply base under the SEZ Freeport zone program to be known as Mtwara Freeport zone (MFPZ).


The MFPZ is going to be equipped with all the necessary infrastructure including a dedicated quay, on site roads, utility systems for water and power; as well as an administrative building for customs and EPZA. Investments to be established at the MFPZ will enjoy various procedural and fiscal incentives provided by the SEZ act and the EAC customs union laws for Freeport zone projects.



EPZA is now inviting interested investors to establish their business at the MFPZ. The following investment plots are available for lease at the rate of us$ 0.50 per square meter per month payable upfront for 10 years where the first installment of five years rental fee will be paid within one month after allotment of land and the remaining five years will be paid within three years from the date of installment: - 

     plot no. 03   -  14,443 sq. Meters

     plot no. 04   -  7,489 sq. Meters

     plot no. 06   -  7,013 sq. Meters

     plot no. 07   -  7,141 sq. Meters


The project to be established at the MFPZ should meet the following conditions:-

     The investment must be new (new capital)

     A local company must be registered for the project

     The project must involve activities related to the supply of services, materials
      or equipments to the oil and gas exploration companies

     The project activities should be limited to warehousing, storage labeling;
      packaging, repackaging; sorting, grading, cleaning, mixing bulk breaking;
      simple assembly and grouping of packages.



Interested firms must submit relevant and comprehensive information and documentation indicating conformity to the above requirements. The information to be submitted shall include but not be limited to:

     Profile of the investing company

     Details of similar projects implemented and demonstrated experience in
      undertaking activities of similar nature

     A business plan

     Statement of the financial capability

     Number and jobs to be created

     A land use plan indicating also the number and size of the plot of interest


Selection of qualifying projects will be based on the criteria set in item number five and six (5 & 6) above. Investors who had showed interest in first time and were disqualified are also encouraged to apply again based on the above-mentioned criteria.


The proposal documents should be submitted to the director general together with an application fee of us$ 300 at the address below:

Director General

Export Processing Zones Authority,

Bwm sez, Mabibo External, off Mandela Rd,

P.O.Box 12112, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Tel:  +255 22 245182-9,
Fax: +255 22 2451830

Interested investors who wish to visit the site or obtain further information should contact the office of the EPZA, plot no. 1081 off Nelson Mandela Road, Ubungo Mabibo External, P.O.Box 12112, Dar es Salaam. From 8.00 a.m to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday except on public holidays.


Deadline for submission of the proposal document is 10.00 am on Friday 19th September 2014



A word from DG

  On behalf of the entire team, I am pleased to welcome all esteemed Investors to the EPZA..

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